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    Turner Sports Cars Turner 803

    1954 to 1956 

    The Turner 803 (A30) was Turner Sports Cars first production kit for the general public. Up to that point Turner had been dipping its toes in one off specials for racing.  

    Introduced in 1954 the 803 cost 475 in kit form (purchase tax added if sold as a complete car). It was built around a tubular ladder frame chassis and Austin A30 mechanicals including the engine, gearbox, front and rear suspension 

    The very pretty bodywork of this two seat sports car was made from fibreglass but all inner panels were steel. In all 50 803 models were believed to have been produced. The Turner 950 succeeded it but is essentially the same car but using A35 mechanicals and the 948cc engine. 


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    Turner 803 - Turner Sports Cars. Turner 803


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